Open Access Online Scientific Journal

For Reviewers

All the submitted manuscripts will firstly be evaluated by the Editor-in-chief or Editorial board members.  The manuscripts not suitable to be published on JMD will be rejected directly by Editor or board members. The suitable manuscripts will be sent out to be formally assessed by at least 2 reviewers. The reviewers will complete the evaluation and fill the Reviewer Comments Form in 14 days and return it to the Editor. Based on the reviewers’ suggestions, the Editor will make decisions to the manuscript:

  1. Accept at the current version
  2. Minor Revise, do some polishing or modifications on figures
  3. Major Revise, do more experiments to improve the manuscript
  4. Reject, the work is low of priority and not suitable to be published on JMD


The authors will do the revision work, if needed, according to the reviewers and editors’ comments. A cover letter with a oint by point response should be submitted together with the revised manuscript.  The revised work will be further evaluated by the reviewers and the editor. A final decision will be made based on the improvement of the work. The authors can write letter to the editorial office if they feel that the decision or reviewer’s comments are not appropriate.