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Volume 1, Issue 1, November, 2016


Journal of Medical Discovery:Translate basic researches to clinical treatments

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J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16001; November 27, 2016

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Research Article

Impacts of influenza virus upon dynamics of proteinase-inhibitory activity in chicken embryos

V. A. Divocha, Ya. A. Basarab

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16004; November 27, 2016

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Research Article

Differential expression of miR-21, miR-133 and miR-155 from exosome fractions isolated from oral squamous cell carcinomas in vitro

Brady Petersen, Karl Kingsley

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16010; November 27, 2016

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Genomic profile of sporadic colorectal cancer liver metastases versus primary tumors as defined by high-density microarray techniques

José María Sayagués, Luís Antonio Corchete, María Laura Gutiérrez, Maria Eugenia Sarasquete, María del Mar Abad, Oscar Bengoechea, Encarna Fermiñán, María Fernanda Anduaga, Sofia del Carmen, Manuel Iglesias, Carmen Esteban, María Angoso, Jose Antonio Alcazar, Jacinto García, Alberto Orfao, Luís Muñoz-Bellvis

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16003; November 27, 2016

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Personalized oncology: the potential for tissue and cell-free DNA biopsies to capture tumor heterogeneity

Young Kwang Chae, Andrew A. Davis, Francis J. Giles

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16005; November 27, 2016

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Figure 2
Case Report

Schwannoma of recto-sigmoid colon: a rare occurrence

Zubair Shahid Bashir, Tesingin Destiny Uwawah, Nisar Ahmed

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16002; February 2nd, 2017

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figure 1 jmd16013
Review Article

Updates on Hepatic Stellate Cell Involvement in Liver Fibrosis

Hui Jing Lim, Rhun Yian Koh, Chooi Ling Lim

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16013; February 6, 2017

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Figure 1

Clinical significance and utility of neck circumference measurement in the dental clinic setting

Matthew Vial, Nicolette Rizzuto, Karl Kingsley, Joshua M. Polanski

J Med Discov (2016); 1(1):jmd16014; February 7th, 2017

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