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J Sci Discov (2017); 1(1):jsd17001; DOI:10.24262/jsd.1.1.17001; Published April 20th, 2017

Multidisciplinary Researches: Push the Science forward

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1Editorial office, Journal of Scientific Discovery, Philadelphia, 19104, PA, United States

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E-Discovery Publication successfully developed the first journal, Journal of Medical Discovery (JMD), and published interesting work in the field of basic, translational and clinical medicine. To further push the multidisciplinary of scientific researches, Journal of Scientific Discovery is about to release its first issue. On behalf of the editorial board team and editorial office, we announce the launch of Journal of Scientific Discovery (JSD).


Journal of Scientific Discovery (JSD) is an open access and peer-reviewed journal publishing scientific researches in medical, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, environmental, biomaterial, food researches and all other studies in the scientific fields. Research Articles and Review Articles are welcomed to be submitted, reviewed and published on JSD. Case Reports, Commentaries, Short Communications and other types of articles falling into the fields are also considered for publication.


JSD published 2 issues each year. It is the second journal of E-Discovery Publication Inc. (EDP), a publication group established in Philadelphia, the United States. All the papers accepted by JSD are published online only. JSD will keep the major features of JMD, fast processing, peer-review and open access. We will make JSD a fast published journal. All the manuscripts submitted to JSD will be sent to at least 2 reviewers. The total time for evaluation, including peer-review and editorial decision, will be no longer than 14 days. The manuscripts that been accepted will be published in 7 days. We will work together with authors, reviewers and editors to publish novel findings and push science forward.


JSD is an open access journal, all types of articles released by JSD are freely accessed by readers anywhere. The published works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License and allows articles to be distributed by the authors, as long as the works are correctly cited.


All the manuscripts published by JSD will get an individual DOI, making them easy to be cited by other researchers. We will also try our best to get the manuscripts published on JSD searchable by various search system and indexing systems.


To develop JSD, we invited plenty of international scientists in relevant fields to be the Editorial board member. (  It is also with international reviewers to evaluate the quality of the manuscripts and give great suggestions. All the submitted manuscripts will be professionally evaluated by the editors firstly and then reviewers. Together with the authors and the reviewers, the editorial board team will try their best to dramatically improve the quality of the accepted researches.


We thank the contribution that all the editors and reviewers will make and are making in evaluating and improving the quality of the manuscripts. We welcome the manuscripts from different fields on science. We will work together to disperse the knowledge and push science forward.


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